Scotch Eggs - coated in Sausage Meat & breadcrumbs
Deviled Eggs - attractive bitesize starter made of creamy egg yolk mixed with spices & sauces
Sausage Rolls
Cocktail Sausages
Meat, chicken or fish pie - plain, peppered or curried
Breaded crab flavour claws
Prawns in filo pastry
Crispy duck spring rolls
Prawn sesame toast
Stick meat - barbequed or fried beef on skewers, spiced and layered with onions and sweet peppers
Chin-chin - fried sweet pastry
Puff-puff - fried sweet dough balls
Doughnuts - various flavours ‘Apple, Jam, Apple Cinnamon, Custard' baked or fried, ringed or round